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You probably have an information security budget allocated across security functions to address your cyber risk. And you might be asking, “What is this investment getting me?”  

Perhaps a better question is, “How much loss should I expect at this level of investment?” You likely don’t have an answer to that with any degree of confidence. We help you answer that question. Not with a cyber risk assessment - with a cyber loss assessment.

Our proprietary Cyber Loss Assessment modeling is focused on your overall cyber loss experience - past, present and future. Since your RiskSIER™ ratio is composed of your overall security spend to the amount of loss most likely to be experienced from cyber events on an annual basis, it gives you a clear picture of your overall investment effectiveness.


What and where you spend on security is clear, but what if you knew with a high degree of accuracy what losses were most likely to materialize? You’d have a simple representation of your overall effectiveness of spend - a security investment effectiveness ratio.

Why you’ll achieve success with RiskSIER™:

  • Simple methodology focused on measuring cybersecurity efficiency

  • Not a score or scoring system     

  • Based on real monetary loss, which translates risk in financial terms

  • Fundamentally objective, driven by data     

  • More accurate than subjective measurements

Measured regularly, your RiskSIER™ ratio will help you make the best decisions as things change. Unknown risks suddenly become known, black swan events happen and security staff learn and adapt. By understanding all the most important variables that lead to loss or loss avoidance, we’ve created a assessment methodology that takes advantage of your information to measure your investment effectiveness. As the environment changes, so should your security investment strategy, and measuring in dollars just makes sense.

So when you ask the question, “How much loss should I expect at this level of investment?” RiskSIER™ helps provides the answer.

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