Making Cybersecurity Investment

Decisions Simple

How effective is your cybersecurity investment?
Know quantitatively where you stand to make better risk decisions.
We can tell you in dollars and cents.

Cyber Risk Measured by Guessing is Risky Business

Today's risk management approaches have merit, but fall far short of answering the question, "What do I get for what I spend on cybersecurity?"


Opinions on the impact and likelihood of events are biased and not fact-based. Plus, there is no standardized way to communicate these relative risk measurements.


Vague measurements like Red, Yellow, Green or a 1-5 scale have inherent limitations. “Quantification” from purely qualitative inputs is not true quantitative risk management and is inaccurate.


Subjectivity and inaccuracy leads to suboptimal risk decisions, which ultimately leads to mis-alignment with business goals and objectives.

Qualitative risk measurements have their place, but we must do better. It’s time to push the envelope and quantitatively measure how cybersecurity decisions impact financial outcomes.

Risk is Everywhere, It's Time to Become Efficient

Gain insight into cyber investment effectiveness and develop a more holistic risk response that is inherently unbiased, enables true risk quantified decision-making, and provides a factual, financial basis for justifying cybersecurity funding.


Understand what you spend on cybersecurity measured against what you stand to lose financially from cyber events. With outputs in financial terms, it’s easy to communicate to stakeholders across your business and compare with industry best practices.


We believe measuring risk should produce quantitative actionable outputs measured in dollars and cents. Our Cyber Loss Assessment eliminates subjective based inputs producing a simple RiskSIER ratio that is clear, repeatable, and purely quantitative.


RiskSIER provides executives feedback on the effectiveness of security investments, maximizing resource allocation, while addressing weaknesses causing excess loss or areas of diminishing returns in their security program. 

We’re Like You - We Want To Minimize Risk Most Effectively

We are a team of information security practitioners working at the cutting-edge of cyber risk in the financial industry. We have used the top industry methods and tools... but fell short. Our aim is to mature the broader industry by advancing risk management capabilities and supporting security organizations across all sectors.

Let's Make Risk More Quantifiable

“We're all wanting to know how much risk we have, but to date, there is now an objective fact based way to determine that."

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